The Technical Resource for Durostone Solder Pallet Materials

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Durostone® - FRP Materials

In addition to solder pallet materials, there are many products in the Durostone® range. If you require a product other than solder pallet material then please visit our corporate site by clicking on the image opposite.


Durostone solder pallet

This site is a technical resource for all aspects of Durostone® solder pallet materials, from the base material to the quality of the soldered PCB.

There is exclusive access for customers to a range of
technical support materials that will help improve solder pallet design,
lifespan and, ultimately, the quality of the PCB.

Wave solder pallet design is important to avoid soldering defects
such as, solder bridges or shorts, inadequate hole fill, solder splatter
and solder flooding the PCB.

® is a high quality solder pallet material that enables
good pallet design providing the best possible results from  the wave
soldering process.

The lifespan of solder pallets depends on many factors including
material choice, pallet design and process conditions. This site
contains answers to many of the issues faced by the PCB assembly
industry today.

To gain access to the technical resource, please use the Login link above. If you do not have a username and password there is a form on the Login page to request one.